The extensible Solidity developer tool

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Use from the command line. Use as a library. Override default behaviour. Customize your workflow by creating your own tasks and installing your favorite plugins.


Buidler's core is small, fast and maintained with very high standards of quality. Buidler will never stop working out of the blue.


Web3.js, ethers.js, Truffle4 or Truffle5? Anything goes. Your tools, your libraries, your choices.

Start using it now

# install
npm i --save-dev @nomiclabs/buidler # or yarn add -D @nomiclabs/buidler 

# in a separate terminal
npx ganache-cli

# create a new Buidler project
npx buidler

# run your tests
npx buidler test

# run your custom scripts
npx buidler run scripts/sample-script.js