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eth-gas-reporter plugin for buidler. ⛽️


A Mocha reporter for Ethereum test suites:

  • Gas usage per unit test.
  • Metrics for method calls and deployments.
  • National currency costs of deploying and using your contract system.
  • CI integration with codechecksbeta

Example report

Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 2 10 19 PM


npm install buidler-gas-reporter --save-dev

And add the following to your buidler.config.js:



Configuration is optional.

module.exports = {
  gasReporter: {
    currency: 'CHF',
    gasPrice: 21

💡 Pro Tip

The options include an enabled key that lets you toggle gas reporting on and off using shell environment variables. When enabled is false, mocha's (faster) default spec reporter is used. Example:

module.exports = {
  gasReporter: {
    enabled: (process.env.REPORT_GAS) ? true : false


This plugin overrides the built-in test task. Gas reports are generated by default with:

npx buidler test

Options / Documentation

A list of options and other useful documentation can be found at eth-gas-reporter