npm buidler


Buidler plugin for integration with ethers.js.


This plugin brings to Buidler the Ethereum library ethers.js, which allows you to interact with the Ethereum blockchain in a simple way.


npm install --save-dev @nomiclabs/buidler-ethers [email protected]^4.0.23

And add the following statement to your buidler.config.js:



This plugin creates no additional tasks.

Environment extensions

An initialized ethers object is injected into the environment:

ethers: {
  provider: JsonRpcProvider;
  getContract: (name: string) => Promise<ContractFactory>;
  signers: () => Promise<Signer[]>;

The ContractFactorys returned by getContract are connected by to the first signer returned by env.ethers.signers.


There are no additional steps you need to take for this plugin to work.

Install it and access ethers through the Buidler Runtime Environment anywhere you need it (tasks, scripts, tests, etc). For example, in your buidler.config.js:


// task action function receives the Buidler Runtime Environment as second argument
task("blockNumber", "Prints the current block number", async (_, { ethers }) => {
  await ethers.provider.getBlockNumber().then((blockNumber) => {
    console.log("Current block number: " + blockNumber);

module.exports = {};

And then run npx buidler blockNumber to try it.

Read the documentation on the Buidler Runtime Environment to learn how to access the BRE in different ways to use ethers.js from anywhere the BRE is accessible.

TypeScript support

You need to add this to your tsconfig.json's files array: "node_modules/@nomiclabs/buidler-ethers/src/type-extensions.d.ts"